Laurie Geiger

Volunteer Coordinator

Laurie Geiger is the volunteer coordinator here at St. Francis CARE. It’s a role she’s held since 2017. But Laurie first became involved with us in 2010 when she was a teacher, as her students participated in service-learning. 

As the volunteer coordinator, Laurie works as a liaison between our applicants and our staff members. She reminds anyone who wants to volunteer that it’s a hands-on experience for all involved, including those who serve the St. Francis CARE board.

“We’re a working board. We get our hands dirty. Everyone is down to earth and jumps in to help whenever needed. I can’t imagine not ever being here,” said Laurie. 

Laurie says she never had pets as a child, so she’s making up for it now. Laurie and her husband John have three dogs, including one the couple rescued from St. Francis CARE. For about 12 years, the Geigers have been involved in the group Greyhound Pet Adoption as well. 

If you want to volunteer with St. Francis CARE, please fill out our volunteer form below!


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