Lynda Kuether

St. Francis CARE Board Member

Lynda Kuether has been a board member with St. Francis CARE since 2013. She started with us in 2009 as a volunteer. Lynda runs all of the social media channels here for us, and chances are, if you message one of the St. Francis CARE pages, she’s the one answering you. 


Giving back is something that has come naturally to Lynda. She grew up in a family that did mission work in Central America. 


“I have a thing for animals and a thing for people. Volunteerism is a part of who I am,” said Lynda. 


She previously worked as a physical therapist, and those skills have been put to use from time to time here at St. Francis CARE. She works with volunteers to help our animals that need a little extra TLC too.


Lynda says she loves the way helping makes her heart feel. She walks away from our shelter with a feeling of gratitude each time she’s here. 


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We are a 501c3 not for profit organization, which means that we rely heavily on donations from the public to keep us up and running. Our animals need many things to keep them comfortable and happy, and we strive to make sure they are spoiled rotten!