Patti Kortkamp

St. Francis CARE Board Member

Pattie Kortkamp is a board member and literally spends every day here at St. Francis CARE, working in the Kitty Room. She and her husband Denny were part of the formation of St. Francis CARE after seeing a need for abused and neglected animals to be cared for. 


The Kortkamps opened their home to many of these unwanted pets too and at one time caring for 14 dogs. The couple currently has nine dogs and five kittens. 


“I think they keep me in the Kitty Room because I love dogs so much they know I would take them all home,” Pattie joked.


Pattie is also a counselor, working with young people and women. She enjoys doing community service and working with other non-profit groups in Jackson County. 

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